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Junior and non training grade posters 2020

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Rhian Allen CT1

Transnasal Oesophagoscopy – The Patient’s Experience

Megan Allman CT1

Checking patients’ temperatures for pyrexia in Covid-era ENT Clinic: Can we trust cutaneous non-contact thermometers?

Jennifer Wallace CT2

Surgical Voice Restoration - A Mult-disciplinary QI Project to improve out of hours services

Tanvi Agarwel

The PPAUHR ENT outpatient virtual clinic: 2009-2010 versus 2018-2019 patient outcomes to assess the impact of experience and a FUNB patient waiting list.

Registrar posters 2020

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Miklos Perenyei ST3

Non-Antibiotic Therapies in Acute and Chronic Otitis Externa - Review

Huw Davies ST3

The risk of inverted papilloma warrants histological examination in both unilateral and bilateral polyps

Rich Brown ST3

Setting up a dedicated Nasendoscope/Biopsy clinic during COVID-19: The Wrexham Maelor experience

James Heyman ST4

Combined Sestamibi SPECT and ultrasound (US) improves adenoma localisation in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT)

Rhodri Jones ST5

The changing incidence of otitis media and mastoiditis in England and Wales over a 20-year period

Daniel Edwards ST6

Comparing Endoscopic Stapler and Laser Diverticulotomy for Zenker’s Diverticulum: A systematic review with pooled analysis

James Howard ST8

An In-Vitro study of Endotracheal tube function related to tonsillar gag compression