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Registrar Trainees

Daniel Leopard
Trainee Rep 2019-20

There are 17 ENT higher surgical training posts in Wales. The majority of these are located in the major centres of Cardiff, Newport and Swansea; there are also single registrars working in Bridgend, Llantrisant, Carmarthen, Wrexham and Rhyl. Registrars rotate annually and have to train in a minimum of three centres over their six year programme.

2020 Trainees

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This induction document sets out to give you an understanding of how the scheme works, what you can expect during your training, who the key post holders are and what their responsibilities are. It also aims to give you guidance on the requirements of the training scheme as they apply to the ISCP, GMC and ARCP process.

Teaching Timetable


Next assessment day will be held on Wednesday 10 June 2020 in Carmarthen. 

The ARCP will be on Thursday 11 June 2020


ENT Wales Travel Fellowship Award

If you plan to embark on any overseas training you may be eligible to apply for the ENT Wales Travel award. 

Applications for the ENT Wales Travelling Fellowship are invited from surgical trainees based in Wales or who undertook their research in Wales. The Fellowship provides funding for travel abroad to present a body of research or for a period of further training.

The guidance notes and application form can be downloaded from here.